We specialise in the repair and upgrade of parts and printed circuit boards for Crosfield - Fuji Scaners & Imagesetters, but can acquire and repair parts for a wide variety of equipment.

We repair printed circuit boards to component level for a wide variety of equipment. and have a large range of specialist test equipment available

The Key Issues

Under ever increasing pressure for rapid delivery of products, companies need reliable equipment and support services to minimise down time.

Quality of product is constantly under scrutiny as markets become more competitive

Pressure on profit margins means that all levels of product and service costs must be controlled and minimised without loss of quality

Service providers often fail to provide continuity of service, which results in slower and therefore expensive response to failures.

The Way Forward

The way forward is to devise programmes of planned maintenance and assured contracts for service that are reliable and deliver quality response to minimise costs and create customer satisfaction with personal service.

The Services

  • An engineering service that is personal
  • A caring service that is professional, reliable and prompt
  • Clear and accurate service records
  • Application of understanding and technical expertise in resolving issues.
  • Onsite and offsite repairs with assured communication advising progress.
  • A service that cares for your business and your customers
  • Development of agreed preventative maintenance contracts and schedules
  • A cost effective service

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Analyse and Expose Scanners -
Imagesetters, all combinations inc.


Howtek 4000 & 4500



All Scanner and Imagesetter


Luxel F-4080 6000 & 9000 & Lanovia C-550 & Quattro, V8 series and all CTP